For this project, I was asked to explore artists’ and designers’ conceptions of scale through creating three iterations of the same work at varying scales: making something small, making something medium-sized and making something big.
Timeline: 3 weeks
Roles: design research, product design
Tools: Rhinoceros, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe XD
Concept Development
Being a designer, I wanted to create some things that can have different functionality by changing the scale of it. At the same time, I want to find an everyday object to work on to change how people perceived something. 
In the end, I was inspired by my nephew (8 months old at that time) who I was taking care of for a month when I visited my cousin in my freshman year. I was surprised that a baby can be taking out tissues from a box in infinite times. My nephew was so happy! But my cousin at the same time was worried about the waste after my nephew’s playing time.
Final Concept
I decided to create three “tissue boxes” in three sizes having:
1. Small: children toy
2. Medium: storage box
3. Big: chair​​​​​​​
Besides that I was inspired by my nephew, I chose tissue box’s form to work with because I think it has a very special quality in terms of materiality. The box is very structured, but the tissue gives an opposite softness feeling to the object. This shape provides me both the simplicity and the complicity to craft it. 
Notes that I had for the fabrication
I wanted to explore different mediums to approach my concept. Therefore, I wanted to 3D print the toy and use the woodshop to craft the storage box and the chair. I sketch out the form and dimensions of the three to give me a rough idea of what they would look like. 

toy - I had to create stl. file to 3D print it. I think using sliding base would be safer for babies since is harder for them to open it. 

chair - I created this rhino file out of my sketches and measured the angles of the "tissue" part (base of the ottoman) to guide me when cutting pieces of wood.

The 'tissue' part of the storage box can be storages when it's not in use. 

process picture in the woodshop

Final Product
I think my final designs would be a great addition of furniture and objects for a children's playroom located at a museum. 
From the left to right you can find:
 1. The Tissue Box Chair: I painted it with silver and light blue spray-paint to create a cloudy effect on its finishing. It is also to illustrates the softness of the tissue part that was missing because it is made of wood. 
2. The Storage Box: a simple storage box that can be used as toy storage. 
3. The Toy (specially for my nephew): this is specially designed for my nephew. It is a box 3D printed and contains different fabrics and scrap plastic pieces from daily objects. I also included a small container of paper clips inside of it to make sounds. 

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